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Supporting Ceris, Cancer Warrior 


Ceris' Story
Ceris is a remarkable individual, a bright and outgoing soul whose beauty is not only evident in her appearance but also in the warmth and kindness she exudes.
Smart and funny, Ceris has a way of making everyone around her feel fortunate to be in her presence. I feel particularly lucky to call her my friend, and I owe that connection to her friendly introduction. Ceris is not only charismatic but also a tenacious achiever.
She dedicated years to pursuing her dream of becoming a firefighter, a goal she successfully achieved through hard work and determination. Throughout her life, Ceris has been an elite athlete, excelling in various sports.
Unfortunately, this year brought an unexpected challenge as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now, we stand united in fundraising efforts to alleviate the financial burden associated with her journey, supporting Ceris through every step of her courageous battle.

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